Introducing: Carnival jeans by Jahooli 🌈

I am so excited to be able to introduce you to my Carnival jeans! These babies have been over a year in the making but are FINALLY here, eeeek! 

The print: 
Inspired by vintage stripy jeans, I wanted to create my own version with a Jahooli twist. I picked all my favourite colours and combined them together with contrasting triangles to create this vibrant design. Just looking at them makes me feel reminiscent of warm summer evenings spent dancing around at carnivals and festivals!
The fit:
In my humble opinion you cant go wrong with a pair of mom jeans! The fit I settled on is high waisted, with plenty of room in the bum and hips and tapered ankles. I feel this silhouette is flattering on all shapes and sizes, and most importantly: SO comfy! 

The fabric:
I um-ed and ah-ed for a good while about the fabric I wanted to use. Cotton denim would have been the obvious choice, but I wanted comfort to be the priority, so I opted for a cotton twill. My final choice is super soft, thick enough to be hard wearing but still comfy and most importantly it's organic. Organic cotton is a much more sustainable choice than ordinary cotton, it is grown without toxic chemicals and uses a lot less water. Choosing organic cotton over ordinary makes a huge difference to the land and local communities where it is grown.
The Makers:
Who made my clothes? Is a question we should all be asking. It was so important to me to choose an ethical company who pay their workers properly and implement safe working conditions, as well as prioritising sustainability. It took a good while, but I'm pleased to report I found the perfect company! My Jahooli jeans have been handmade in India by happy workers who are paid a fair, living wage. I strongly believe in fashion that is good for everyone involved, from source to consumer, a value I plan to stick to wherever the Jahooli journey takes me.
So there you have it, my first design has been officially released into the wild. I hope love them as much as I do! 
Shop them here!

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