Pretty packaging, but make it sustainable!

Hello Jahooligans! 

I know what you're thinking.. Who are you again? Wait, you have a blog..?

My attempt to start a blog was very short lived, beginning and ending with one post, it was a poor and I apologise! BUT, I am back and armed with a list of topics so.. Lets talk packaging!

I love receiving parcels in the post, even if I've ordered it and know exactly whats inside. I love the mini christmas feeling you get what you tear open the bag or box and reveal the goodies within. But at what cost does this come? 

I'm not talking currency, I'm referring to the environmental impact of those few seconds of joy. More often than not, those new additions to your wardrobe are wrapped in plastic - and we all know how damaging plastic is to the earth, from production to disposal, plastic is not our friend! 

Now, I'm not here to make you feel guilty. I strongly believe the responsibility of sustainable packaging lies with the company itself. That's not to say that the customer doesn't have the power of choice, we can all choose to buy from more sustainable companies, but ultimately the seller makes the decision.

Here at Jahooli we are always on the look out for the most sustainable option, whilst wanting to create the most pleasing experience for you guys. At the moment we wrap most orders in a pretty vintage silky scarf and pop them in a biodegradable recycled poly mailing bag. While this packaging option may not be perfect, we can at least be sure the bags will biodegrade in a reasonable amount of time, 1-2 years, as opposed to the 200 + years of ordinary plastic bags. 

What do you think of our choice? If you have any other eco friendly suggestions for packaging then please let us know in the comments below!

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